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 Monday, March 28th, 2016 4:07AM

Well I have finally gotten around to changing the
basic elements of this website!  Something that
has been long overdue.   Going to tweak things
as we go but getting the basic new lay out in

As I posted on FaceBook this site is largely
going to be devoted to blogging and with a
strong how to and educational aspect.  I can't
count the number of folks over the last several
years that have requested that I write a book
covering everything I know and practice.  I am not
being arrogant when I say, writing a book that
covers what I know and practice would not fit in
one book, it would be more like a 50 book series.  
To condense it all into one or two books simply
would not do justice to the material, the people
that taught me, or to the reader.   While I enjoy
books and reading, I find how to books to be very
poor substitutes for hands on learning.  Now
don't get me wrong how to books are great for
introducing new concepts and shifting
perspective and thinking, but the written word
and actually doing something are two very
different things.  All to often something looks
great on paper and is a epic failure in practice.

So what qualifies me to write a blog or to educate
anyone?  That is easy 40+ years of practicing
what I preach is a start.   The founding and
starting of the Thunder 5 Ranch in concept 17
years ago and putting the concept into practice
15 years ago.  Growing the T5R into one of the
most succesfull and long lasting direct marketing
farm to fork farms in Southern Illinois.  Operating
the T5R sustainably without subsidies, grants or
outside funding.  Operating with financial stability
and at a profit most years.  In short while others
are crying about desrving to earn a living wage
from a hobby farm, I am earning a living wage
from a small farm.  As my Grandpa said "There
are talkers, there are do'ers and there are people
that can talk and do at the same time."  Right now
we have a whole bunch of people that are
legendary talkers, some that are Do'ers, and a
handful that are both.  I fall into the handful
category :0)  

I am not going to talk about or write about
something that I have not practiced and
witnessed the results of.  I am not of the talker
school of thought, that reading a book makes one
an expert in a subject and that by talking about it
equates to having done it.  The internet is full of
book experts that have never done a damn thing
but speak as if they know everything.  Grandpa
had a saying for folks like that as well "A pack of
dumb asses that are so busy knowing everything
that they can't be bothered to learn anything."  
Grandpa was wise :0)   

Now how do I know what I know?  I was raised in
a very rural area.  Where there were a lot of old
timers that still did things the old ways.  While the
other kids were busy being cool, I was hanging
out with the old timers learning everything I could
from them.  These were people born in the 1880s-
1920s and were in their 70s-90s when I met them.  
In many cases I became their hands and applied
what they needed done under the guidance and
supervision.  Doing the things they could no
longer physically do.  I learned and they got task
done the way they wanted things done.  I learned
everything from gardening to hogs to poultry to
basic mechanics on ancient equipment.  I learned
how to beat a piece of steel into a horse shoe or a
axe head,  how to cut trees into lumber and how
to value the traditional much more than the

 As I write these future blogs I will do so with the
same honesty, integrity and lack of tact  in which I
do everything else ;0)   I will try and keep things
diverse and of interest to both the farming folks
that follow me and to the customers and folks
that are just interested in the hows and whys. It
should be noted that somethings I write about
may work great on some farms and gardens and
be epic failures on other farms and in other
gardens.  There are some things I just will not
write about as they are dangerous, a good
example of this is digging and walling a shallow
well.  More than a few folks have followed
someone elses written instruction on this and
been at the bottom of a 20' deep hole and had the
stones and dirt fall in on them.   I just ain't going
to be party in helping someone bury themselves
alive.  I will not give anything more than the most
basic of Vet advice.  There are so many diseases
and ailments in livestock and so many that mimic
each other that only a licensed and qualified vet
should be consulted.

Now the topic of getting paid for sharing this
inforamtion has came up.   I struggle with getting
paid to write about and share knowledge.   I
cannot with good conscience charge a
subscription fee.  On the other hand writing this
and sharing will take some of my time and there
are the cost of maintaining the website.  Seems to
me using a donation based system will be a fair
compromise.  If you like what I am writing about
and find the information entertaining or useful
click the paypal button and throw a few buck my
way.  If you think I am worthless sack of crap
don't :0)    My goal will is to write a bi weekly
article blog and keep them archived in order.  I
plan on publishing the first article on April second
and every other week after.    

I will not put a comment section or message
board back on this website.  It is just too time
consuming and a headache to moderate and
remove all the spam.  FaceBook is a great forum
for discussing things and Q&As and is much
easier to deal with from a management

Yes there will be pictures and videos.  I will
embed the videos here from my YouTube channel
and put the pics direct.    The Blog and Archives
will be on a different page than this and some
articles of particular usefulness will have a perm.

The other pages of this site  are being rebuilt, the
Store page, and others will be back soon.  You
might find hidden Links to pages I am hosting
here,  I put those in so I can get to those pages
easily and see what is going on outside of my site
building tools.   LOL what a website looks like in
the developer screen and what it looks like online
are very often quite different.

Now this page has been hacked in the past and it
may be again in the future.  While I use a secure
server to host this site it is as vulnerable to
hacking as any other secure server.  I will never
put any kind of form up asking for your contact
information or any information for that matter.  I
mention this because in previous hacks contact
forms were put up to fish for site visitors contact
information and bogus buy here pay here with a
credit card forms put on this page. NEVER fill out
any form that might appear on this page.  Papal is
the only way I accept online payments and once
the link is up it takes you to the secure paypal
site.  Which I might add is very secure and paypal
runs top of the line security.   

For purchasing from the store page for delivery
or pick up.  We will continue as we have.  You
E-Mail me your order and I Email you a paypal
invoice  and you simply click the link to pay the
invoice.  I get a email that the invoice is paid and
put your order together and have it ready at the
delivery location or for pick up here on the farm.  
We DO NOT ship anything.  We are farm to fork in
that aspect as well.    

OK this is a lot of information in one column.  
Hopefully it give folks a little insight into myself,
the T5R, where this website is going and more
information than they came in with.  The site will
improve greatly over the next Month or two as I
have time to sit down and work on it.

                   Have  A Great Day Folks!
                      Mike Hammack
Mike's Blog