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 The CSA page has now been updated with the new
information for the late 2014 and 2015 T5R Members Club
information and pricing.  We are still working out better
delivery and drop options.  We have also expanded the
number of memberships that will be available over the next
year and reduced the amounts of products that will be
available for sale at the retail farmers market level.  

 Thanks Everyone who has participated in the T5R Members
club over the last year and offered feedback and constructive
criticism.  You guys have really helped us build a very popular
CSA and helped work out problems that we did not see coming
down the road.  I just can't thank you folks enough for your
very involved participation.  Together we have built a better
and more stable CSA model, that offers the members a diverse
variety of products at the most affordable prices.  That benefit
the members with dependable guaranteed pounds of meat at
locked in prices.  The benefit to the T5R is stable predicable
income that while less than retail income is stable guaranteed
income that allows us to plan everything out a year in advance
and save money by purchasing feed, and other supplies in
bulk at the lowest possible prices.  Everyone wins and that is
the kind of business I like to see play out!

         Mike Hammack
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